On this page you can learn about the different jobs we assign to different people on each team. These can be rotated over time so that club members learn different areas of the robot.

Club Positions and Functions:

Chaplain (Carsten Smith): Monthly Devotionals, Outreach, Spiritual health

President (Connor Ehmann): Morale, Wednesday Meetings, Satuday Meetings, Coordinate Departments and Teams, Teaching, Competition Organizer

Vice President (Annie Edmonds): Competition Organizer, Events and Calendar, Volunteer Coordinator, Teaching, Coordinate Grant Writing, Fundraisers

Secretary (Sarah Arvey): Official Records, Meeting Minutes, Communication, Phone Tree, Teaching

Treasurer (Nate Rodenburg): Bi-Weekly Club Account Records, Club Funds, Fundraisers, Teaching

Website Administrator (Ryan Gonzales): Website, Multimedia, Teaching

Team Positions and Functions (See team pages)

Captain: Spiritual health, Attendance, Recruiting, Morale, Interview practice, Cross-Training, Rules, Design

School Liaison: Photographer, Bulletin board, External communication, Recruiting, Scout

Document Specialist: Engineering Journal, Photography, Cross-Training

Website Coordinator: Team Website, Cross-Training, Scout

Mechanical Lead: Mechanical functions expert, Build day responsibilities

Electrical Lead: Batteries, Wiring, Electrical functions expert, Build day responsibilities, Scout

Programming Lead: Programming functions expert, Build-day responsibilities

Competition Coordinator: Plan and prepare for a competition at our school!!

Driver: Practice, practice, practice!!