Our team

Seth Walter: Team Captain

Rosemary Jordan: Mechanical/Electrical Lead

Kristen Rose: Programming Lead

Cooper Oman: Web Admin

A ragtag group of sophmores who think they can make robots.

Team Photo


"Everything looks good. Nothing seems okay."
- something that one of our pastors said about a chair that he bought and this was the desciption of the chair from the discount chair store


Judges award (Haliey 2023)

Quote Book

"Hi old man" -Kristen
"*screech*" -Seth

"Make a round square!" -Rosemary
"Learn HTML" -Rosemary

"Have you ever been told to think outside of the box, but your box is full, therefore overflowing, therefore you're outside of the box, therefore you can't think outside of the box because you're already outside of the box?" -Brittney

"Remember, Communism" -Kristen

"I swear on my left foot" -Kristen


Fun zone!!!!

This is an area for random things I want to put in the website but wouldn't fit anywhere else